These Internal Rules set forth the basic principles and rules for using Storgozia Dormitory for Students as its scope implies the answers to any questions, cases and precedents arisen throughout the daily activities of tenants. In general, it is consistent with the basic principles of life for normal coexistence of young people, regardless of their religion, nationality and cultural views. The Rules are to ensure a quiet life in the Dormitory, being as far as possible from any restrictive and limiting clauses, in line with the concept of free and undisturbed stay in the Dormitory. However, for ensuring compliance with the above some basic rules and standards of conduct set out herein should be observed.

1. General
Storgozia Dormitory is owned by a private investment company registered under the Commercial Act of Republic of Bulgaria. The company herein called Operator is responsible for the overall running of the Dormitory. It is controlled by Manager. All issues of domestic and technical aspect should be referred to him/her, through the reception desk or in person.
2. Access to the building
Only the tenants and employees of the Operator have access to the building. It is carried out through access control system, working with electronic chips. Each tenant receives at the time of accommodation an access card programmed for the period of the tenancy agreement. For ensuring the security of the tenants in the Dormitory, the access of other persons to the residential part of the building is only allowed with the explicit presence of the tenant and registration at the reception desk with an ID card. The access of other people, having completed the procedure of the previous sentence is possible from 08.00 a.m. to 10.00 p. m. This provision does not apply to parents and siblings of the tenants. They should also be registered at the reception desk, as the tenant states in writing the duration of their stay. The residence of the tenants and their guests in the Dormitory is regulated by the Law on Foreigners in Republic of Bulgaria, especially strictly following the provisions of Article 28 of the Law.
During the rest of the day the access of other persons is strictly prohibited. This rule is essential and is included in the Tenancy Agreement signed by each tenant. Strict compliance with these conditions is a guarantee for the security of the tenants in the Dormitory. Violation of the above rules is a ground for termination of the Tenancy Agreement and release of the rented apartment in the Dormitory. In case of meeting guests – other persons without a visit to the residential part of the building, the tenants are free to use the lobby and the café.
1. Café at Storgozia Dormitory, lobby, reception desk and relaxation area
The café located on the ground floor is for the tenants. Other people could visit the café however the tenants are served first.
The lobby of the Dormitory with the reception desk, relaxation area and gym is at disposal of the tenants. The access to the lobby is free for the tenants where they can meet their visitors.
2. The relaxation area is available to the tenants with the exception of the gym, which can be used only with an access card, purchased in advance from the reception desk.
3. Underground parking
Storgozia Dormitory has underground parking, as the access to it is permitted to the tenants who have paid for the option to use it and they get electronic access chip respectively. Vehicles with gas installations are not allowed in the underground parking
4. Regime
The administration of Storgozia Dormitory requires the observance of basic rules to ensure normal, peaceful and safe life of its tenants, the idea of which is stated in the preamble to the Rules. The main rules set out in these Rules are aimed at ensuring sharing of the accommodations in the Dormitory by various persons, each of which has its own needs and lifestyle. The administration of the Dormitory shall do its best to provide a peaceful and normal life in the building, while ensuring maximum security of tenants and preventing undesirable and unacceptable actions, contrary to normal behavior.
From 10 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. the tenants should observe the time to rest, not making noise and taking other actions leading to the discomfort of the rest of the tenants.
The administration recommends refraining from smoking in the residential part of the building due to fire safety reasons, as in the common areas, lobby, gym and café, smoking is absolutely prohibited with a view of the laws in Republic of Bulgaria.
Tenants should follow basic hygiene rules to keep tidy and clean their accommodations. The same applies to the common areas. The administration undertakes the obligation for cleaning the public areas of the Dormitory while the tenants are responsible for cleaning their accommodations. There is a possibility for maid service in the accommodations at an extra fee, according to individually agreed schedule.
Failure to comply with the above rules and requirements can result in termination of the Tenancy Agreement.
Internal and external video surveillance is provided for ensuring the safety of the tenants and the staff of the Dormitory. The external video surveillance includes all adjacent areas of the building - entrances and the lane to the underground parking. The internal video surveillance covers the common areas - corridors, lobby area, administrative offices, café, underground parking and service facilities in the underground parking.
The Dormitory administration should be informed for all questions, issues, technical and everyday problems encountered on any occasion during the use of the residential building. The administration has a major commitment to ensure a peaceful and safe use of the accommodations in the Dormitory in line with these Rules.
The Internal Rules shall be a fundamental document regulating the accommodation in the Dormitory. It is an integral part of the Tenancy Agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions set out in it is a ground and commitment to compliance.
2016 Storgozia Dormitory, Pleven