Application form

Request for accommodation in Storgozia Dormitory

1. Name, e-mail and telephone for contact:

2. Gender:

3. Nationality:

4. Student at MU Pleven – year and faculty number:

5. Preferred type of accommodation – single or shared with one or two other students /please, describe your preferences/.

6. Please specify the period for which you want accommodation in the Dormitory /the minimum period is ...... months/;

7. Please indicate what services referred to in this site that you will use /if you are ready to define them when filling out the form/:

8. Other specific requirements or needs:
After filling the form, please send it to e-mail:
Within a few hours you will receive feedback about the accommodation opportunities and prices.
Information: Accommodation opportunities and prices are given only on the basis of completed and sent accommodation form. Information by any other means /by phone or at the reception desk/ is not provided.

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