Accommodation type

Storgozia Dormitory offers several standard options for accommodations.
There are 16 accommodations in total of varying size, architecture and interior design, as all apartments are furnished with everything necessary to ensure normal and to a certain level luxury living conditions.
The Dormitory has 6 /six/ accommodations of 65 sq. m. located on the first, second and third floors - apartment numbers: 2/3, 3 /three/ accommodations of 115 sq. m. - apartment numbers: 1, 3 /three/ accommodations of 102 sq. m. - apartment numbers: 4 and 4 /four/ accommodations in the attic / 1 of 65 sq. m. - apartment number 5, 1 of 75 sq. m. - apartment number 6, 1 of 60 sq. m. - apartment number 7 and 1 of 87 sq. m. - apartment number 8.
Apartments with numbers: 2/3/7 are designed to accommodate a maximum of one or two tenants, as the number of tenants accordingly determines the price for use per month.
The remaining apartments with numbers: 1/4/5/6/8 are designed to accommodate two or maximum three tenants, as the number of tenants accordingly determines the price for use per month.
The conditions for accommodation in the Dormitory are regulated in a standard Tenancy Agreement /it should be attached and seen as a link/ based on the payment of monthly rent. The monthly rental price includes accommodation in the selected apartment, heating, air conditioning in the summer months, consumed electricity, hot and cold water, the cost of cleaning the common areas, as well as the services offered at the reception desk related to daily life and security in the rest of the day.
Daily free shuttle is available to the tenants /during the work and study days for MU Pleven/ from the Dormitory to MU Pleven, according to a timetable in the morning and in the evening.
The cost of monthly rent for accommodation varies depending on the type of the apartment and the number of tenants in it. The price for accommodation is obtained after filling in a short online application form sent to the email address of the Dormitory - The reply is received within 24 hours with specified price levels and accommodation options. The management of the Dormitory does not provide information about options and prices by another means /by phone or at the reception desk/.
The accommodation takes place after signing Tenancy Agreement Download as well as a Statement of awareness and acceptance of the terms and conditions for accommodation in the Dormitory and the Internal Rules.